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The Breakers Stable

The Breakers Stable and Carriage House complex, located on Coggeshall Avenue a few blocks west of The Breakers, was designed and built in 1895 by Richard Morris Hunt, who also did the greenhouses for The Breakers.  This unique building, when fully equipped and staffed, was an extremely important addition to The Breakers.  Before a 1970 fire (arson was suspected) destroyed an upper story, the brick stables had room for 26 horses, a variety of carriages, and accommodations for at least a dozen grooms. A private collection of various Vanderbuilt memorabilia, including the famous coach  Venture  and other coaches and carriages, as well as liveries, harnesses, and riding equipment, is on display.  Also displayed were various personal photographs of various family members and friends on their horses and in their coaches.  "All Aboard the New York Central with the Vanderbilts" is a continuing exhibit.

The Carriage House

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