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What's NEW on S&L's Adventures Emporium (Tripod) WebSite?

Want to know what's been UPDATED on S&L's WebSite? This page will tell you! Although not a complete listing, it is at least organized in reverse chronological order -- starting with the latest change first. The dates and (Eastern Standard Time zone) times listed reflect when the files were added to the website via the Tripod File Manager -- NOT when the files were actually created. Please note that older links may not necessarily work, as those files could have been moved or renamed.

Feb. 19, 2004   Updated this page only to keep my Tripod site from being deleted. What's New
Mar. 8, 2002   Updated RI main page; added link to new pics page with 7 apartment scenes & PO. Rhode Island; RI Pictures
July 8, 1999 03:27:11 PM Updated "Weekend" page with links to added Haffenreffer Museum pics page. S&L Weekends; HM Pictures
July 8, 1999 01:16:01 PM Updated RI dining with Pizzeria. Changed 7 pics to 24-bit for quick loading. RI dining; S&L Weekends
July 7, 1999 06:37:45 PM Updated "Weekend" page to include links to five (5) pictures of friend Rick. Some Weekends with S&L
July 6, 1999 06:12:30 PM Updated RI dining with Gray's & Smokehouse. Added "Pebbles" page & link to it from "Weekend" page. RI dining; Pebbles; Weekend
July 1, 1999 01:06:53 PM Updated RI dining page with approximately a half dozen more entries. Rhode Island dining
June 18, 1999 11:54:00 AM Updated RI restaurants with Marina Grille; added webpage for its menu. RI dining; Marina Grille
June 15, 1999 03:24:47 PM Updated RI restaurants with Themes; added webpage for its menu. RI dining; Themes
June 10, 1999 02:56:17 PM Updated Breakers webpage with link to grounds pic; H. Farm page with link to another pic. The Breakers; Ham. Farm
June 8, 1999 04:33:05 PM Updated mansion overview page & Breakers Stable page with links to Hammersmith Farm. RI mansions; Breakers Stable
June 8, 1999 04:27:19 PM Added webpages about Hammersmith Farm being used for wedding & in politics. Jackie Wedding / JFK White House
June 8, 1999 04:26:51 PM Added webpages about Hammersmith Farm's gardens and history. HF Gardens Intro / History
June 8, 1999 04:24:53 PM Updated RI restaurants with Sportsmans. Added page for Hammersmith Farm. RI dining; Hammersmith
June 8, 1999 04:22:32 PM Corrected defective links leading to the main Rhode Island webpage. { 9 different webpages affected }
June 4, 1999 12:42:15 PM Added webpage with Music Hall Cafe's menu; updated RI dining page with its link. RI dining; MH Cafe
June 4, 1999 12:40:59 PM Updated RI restaurants with Rhumbline; added pages for its menu. RI dining; Rhumbline
June 3, 1999 04:40:14 PM Updated mansion page with links to Marble House and Rosecliff mansions. Rhode Island mansions
June 3, 1999 04:30:38 PM Added webpages for the Green Animals topiary gardener. Mendonca / Interview / Rendition / Notes
June 3, 1999 04:28:23 PM Added webpages for the Green Animals topiary gardens. Green Animals; The Big Picture
June 3, 1999 04:25:20 PM Updated webpage on Rosecliff mansion; added webpage on Blithewold mansion. Rosecliff; Blithewold
June 3, 1999 04:22:30 PM Updated RI restaurant page with Fred's; mansion page with Animals & Blithewold. RI restaurants; RI mansions
May 27, 1999 02:06:56 PM Added approximately 156 associated Rhode Island webpages and images -- thru 03:30:24 PM. { too numerous to list }
May 27, 1999 10:58:47 AM Added miscellaneous images to Rhode Island webpage. Rhode Island
May 27, 1999 10:54:07 AM Added introductory Rhode Island webpage. Rhode Island
May 27, 1999 10:51:23 AM Replaced index homepage; removed Florida and Tennessee webpages. S&L Home
Nov. 4, 1998 05:52:41 AM Netstat counter added to the main index homepage. S&L's Tripod Home
Sept. 15, 1998 05:36:10 PM Webpage with pictures of Mom & Dad's visit to Tennessee added. Tennessee Pics
Sept. 15, 1998 05:31:48 PM Webpage with thumbnails of Mom & Dad's Tennessee pictures added. Tennessee Pics
July 22, 1998 12:25:03 PM Webpages of Florida pictures and Henry Rolfs added. Florida Pics; Henry Rolfs
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