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Hunter House

Hunter House, a National Historic Landmark at 54 Washington Street in Newport, Rhode Island, was built in 1748 by Jonathan Nichols, a prosperous merchant engaged and decorated after 1756 by Colonel Joseph Wanton, Jr., who was also a prominent merchant and a deputy governor of the Rhode Island colony. The house also served as the headquarters of the Chevalier de Ternay, admiral over the French naval forces during the American Revolution. The restored house, a outstanding example of Colonial architecture, displays superb examples of 18th century woodwork with grained and marbleized finishes. On exhibit are the finest achievements of the arts and crafts of 18th century Newport: furniture by the Townsend and Goddards (Goddard-Townsend), period paintings by Cosmo Alexander and Gilbert Stuart, silver and glass, paneling, as well as a Colonial garden.

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